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Startseite » ZOOM n°24 :Porzellanmalerei - Spitzen, Goldreliefs, Blüten » 4 Plates with flowers of the meadow 2/4


> Zoom n°24 : Extrait 2/4

"Porzellanmalerei - Spitzen, Goldreliefs, Blüten "

(Peinture sur porcelaine - Bordures, reliefs or, fleurs)

de Magrit Marr


My tips:
I like using a quill brush when I use yellow paint, as with that I can limit other colours quite well. The quill brush is also softer than the other brushes, with the effect that, when painting, the brightness of the yellow colour shows better. A harder brush would take away too much of the yellow, which would lessen its lumines-cence. When I paint the sta-mens in the flowers I add very little red.

- On the waterlily stems I first apply some pompadour paint and go over it with a little green, vhich brings the light into it.

- With the entire brush I take up yellow green as the basic colour for every green leaf, and at the same time, on the tip of the brush, a little Russian green, olive grenn, or sometimes even a little black. In this way one gets - of course only after some practising
- A light and dark colour wash in one go, and the leaves do not all have the same green. Do not forg et to now and then add some oil to the the paint! "

A Die Arbeitsfolge am Beispiel des Seerosen-Tel/ers, Schritt fur Schritt: Zundchst zeichne ich die Umrisse des Dekors mil dem Allstabilo-Stift (oben), nehme etwas 6l an die Spachtel (unten)...

A Procedure for the waterlily plate, step by step: I start drawing the outlines with the Allstabilo pencil (top), I take some oil on the palette knife (below)...

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ZOOM n°24 :Porzellanmalerei - Spitzen, Goldreliefs, Blüten»
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