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Home » ZOOM n°24 :Porzellanmalerei - Spitzen, Goldreliefs, Blüten » 4 Plates with flowers of the meadow 3/4


> Zoom n°24 : Extrait 3/4

"Porzellanmalerei - Spitzen, Goldreliefs, Blüten "

(Peinture sur porcelaine - Bordures, reliefs or, fleurs)

de Magrit Marr


...mische die Farbe mil der Spachtelgu durch (oben links). Ich nehme mil den Pinsel ein wenig Grau auf (Abb. unten und rechts) und male damit die ersten Drucker (Seite 27, oben). Ich nehme etwas Carmin an die Pinselspitze (unten links) und male damit weitere Blutenblatter (rechts).
... and thoroughly mix the paint (top left). With the brush I take up a little grey paint (pict. below and on the right) and paint the first brush strokes, (page 27, top). I now take a little car-mine on the tip of the brush (below left) and paint the other petals (rightj.

-The forget-me-not I paint with some turquoise. With the soft brush I add again some yellow (ill. p. 29), and I shade the petals.

A word about oils : There may be many oils available, but the trusted fat oil, turpentine and clove oil are sufficient for my painting style.

My tips:
The more widely available resist, that in most cases can be thinned down with water, gives a compact thick layer that can be pulled off after it is dry. Please take care that no remnants stay behind when vou remove it (it is best to use tweezers), as they leave ugly traces in the firing. Use a separate brush for resist!
Remove the resist straightaway after you have sponged a piece with paint, as otherwise it would become soft again, making it difficult to remove.

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